Main Features
  • Support for all platforms and excellent graphics
  • General map for mass battles where you can also gain experience
  • Convenient general chat and team chat
  • Multiple levels and a map editor (*in future)
  • Numerous types of tanks and its upgrades
  • A lot of random bonuses on the map
  • Tournament modes like "Capture the Flag" and "Survival"
  • The opportunity to participate in team battles
  • More than 20 medals for various achievements in the game
  • 3 types of upgraded premium accounts

About Game

Do you remember the amazing video game Battle City? We are offering you a reincarnation of that game in a new form - online! All that was missing in that classic game will be implemented into this new version: develop your tank, fight in exciting mass battles and tournaments, earn experience and awards, and gather in unbeatable teams. In the first version of the game many new options will be available for you: 7 types of tanks, 100 game levels, survival mode, team tournament Capture the Flag, random bonuses that will appear on the map, more than 20 awards for achievements, and much more!

In addition to what has already been mentioned - by developing this game we will create an engine for this type of game. This engine will enable us to realize a new interpretation of many other old school games such as Bomberman, Dune, Aladdin, and others all easily and in a short time.

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System Requirements

Since on the first development phase we are planning to make a browser-based online game without need for a client, you will only need a web browser that supports HTML5 (any except Internet Explorer version 7 and below). The game will work perfectly on every platform. In the near future we are also planning to develop applications for iOS, Android, and regular Java Script.